The 6 Days Uganda wildlife safari is an exceptional package that will move you around Uganda, the most favorite destination for a true African wildlife safari experience with some of the most sought wildlife species in Africa. You will have a chance to encounter the animals in their untouched natural habitats. The wildlife in Uganda is of a kind that is still wild that gives a wildlife safari experience that all adventurous tourists are looking for. Uganda is one of the blessed countries with a varsity of vegetation types like tropical rainforests and savannah plain lands which harbor a variety of wildlife species that tourists always look for. The wildlife in Uganda ranges from mountain gorillas, lions, elephants, chimps, Uganda kobs, buffaloes, warthogs, waterbucks and so many others.

DAY 1: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park
Immediately after your breakfast, we shall set off for Murchison falls national park. We shall have a stopover at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary to trek the white rhinos. From here we shall proceed to Masindi town for lunch and then drive directly to Murchison Falls national park where you will encounter different wildlife species.

Day 2: Boat Cruise & Top of falls Hike
Having had your breakfast, you will go for a boat ride on the world’s most powerful falls. You will come across herds of hippos and crowds of crocodiles plus other aquatic wildlife species on the sides of the river. Then you will hike to the top of the falls. This experience is totally thrilling and one in a life time.

Day 3: Game Drives & Community
In the morning after your breakfast you will have a game drive around the park which will expose you to various wildlife species like leopards, lions, elephants, waterbucks, buffaloes and so many more in their natural and undisturbed habitats. In the afternoon after your lunch, you will have a community walk to see how the local people around the park live.

Day4: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park
After your morning breakfast, you will transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park. You will have an enroute lunch. The journey to the park will provide an experience like no other because it will give you beautiful views of Uganda’s untouched wildlife and the rift valley escarpment plus the scenic hills

Day5: Game drives & Boat Cruise at Kazinga Channel
You will go for a morning game drive after your breakfast to enable you spot the early morning species before they walk away to hunt or look for food. You will encounter herds of buffaloes, elephants, Uganda kobs and waterbucks plus other species like the warthogs. You will also find storks of birds because the park is also a birding area. In the afternoon after your lunch, you will go for a launch cruise on Kazinga Channel where you will have a chance to spot herds of hippos, birds, elephants and other species, which make the whole experience just amazing when combined.

Day 6: Transfer back to Kampala
In the morning you will transfer back to Kampala after your breakfast. You will have a stopover at Igongo cultural c enter to buy souvenirs for those who were unable to experience this wildlife safari in Uganda. We shall also have our lunch here and then proceed to Kampala.

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