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Owino market
Gadaffi Mosque
Mengo & Rubaga Hills
Kabaka’s palace
Kasubi Tombs
Bahai Temple
Uganda Museum
Ndere Cultural Centre

Ndere Troupe Cultural Centre

Started in 1986, Ndere provides one of the most diverse cultural presentations from all over the Pearl of Africa.Uganda has over 50 tribes resulting into a variety of cultures spread throughout the country.Each tribe has its unique cultural dance from the Acholi and Karamajong in the North, Banyankole, Batwa and Bakiga in the West, Basoga and Bagishu in the East and Baganda in the Central part of the country among others. The center also has an awesome range of cuisine that will tingle your stomach making you beg for more. Dance performances from will keep you very entertained while there.

Kabaka’s Lake

Dug on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880’s it is one of the most stunning features in the city. The 5 acre manmade lake was built to create a link between his palace and Lake Victoria that would serve as an escape route for the Kabaka in case of an attack. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy a boat ride at the lake.

Kabaka’s Palace

This is the centre of administration of the Buganda Kingdom. It’s a very worthy place to visit with its magnificent view of the Capital and also harboring the torture chambers of the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin.These chambers were where the fallen dictator used to slay his political opponents and anyone else declared an enemy of the state. There is a lot of history  attached to this place that will make your visit worth it.

National Theatre

The National theatre is the oldest theater in Uganda set up in 1956.It is a cultural theater for performing arts, exhibition space and simulator to local artistic activities.It has numerous movie screenings and a craft store where you will be able to find various pieces that may suit your taste.

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